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Mulcair’s NDP Brainstorm: How to Take More Money from Canadians

January 15, 2013

Thomas Mulcair is meeting today with NDP counterparts for a brain-storming session on how to get Canadians to accept higher taxes and a higher cost of living.  What ideas might they add to their job-killing plan?

Mulcair’s NDP already proposes a $21.5 billion job-killing carbon tax that would increase the cost of gas, groceries, electricity and everything else.  They would like to add an additional new sales tax and impose higher taxes on job creators.

They also have a spending wish list.  Mulcair’s NDP proposes at least $56 billion in reckless new spending, on items like a 45-day EI work year.

In today’s meeting Mulcair is turning to people with similar plans, to share ideas.

Several can share how they grabbed more money from the pockets of Canadian families, including HST hikes.  One counterpart might even suggest keeping some tax hikes as a surprise for voters, based on experience promising no tax increases during an election and then hiking gas taxes in his first budget.

Another can talk about a whole range of policies to increase the cost of electricity, having driven rates up almost 30 per cent.  Mulcair already plans a carbon tax, but would he stop there?

And many people at today’s meeting have lots to say about blocking development, especially of energy projects and pipelines – development that creates jobs and prosperity for every Canadian, and energy that Canadian jobs across the country rely on.  Mulcair can explain to his provincial counterparts why he pits region against region with divisive policies and claims that a major sector of the Canadian economy is a ‘disease.’

It’s clearer than ever.  With calls for more and higher taxes and a grab-bag of wasteful spending ideas, and today’s brainstorming session on how to implement these job-killing measures, hard-working families can’t afford Mulcair’s NDP.

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