Liberal Entitlement on full display

Justin Trudeau's Liberals are racking up billions of dollars in new debt on the shoulders of all Canadians. Their projected deficit for 2016 alone is $30 BILLION!

Along with this big spending comes the same old Liberal entitlement. Office furnishings, international trips for Liberal bagmen, personal nannies, extravagant house renovations - you name it! If it costs money, the Liberals will buy it - so long as taxpayers are footing the bill.

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$13,322.00 for hotel rooms right here in Ottawa.
$17,000 on photos since Minister Mckenna took office
$520 for access to executive aiport lounges
$7,508 for one day limo service around Toronto
$5,695 for a new diving board on Justin Trudeau's private indoor pool.
$1,783.55 for tickets to a hockey game and a five-block limo ride
$835,000 for renovations and new paintings for Minister Sohi's office
$20,000+ for new furniture and TVs in Minister McKenna's office
$16,000+ for Finance Minister Morneau and 4 staff to visit New York
$100,000+ per year for the Trudeau family's 2 nannies
$257,219.42 for Trudeau's family and entourage to visit Washington