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For two years, the Liberal government has been racking up a bill of nearly $6.7 million in “promotional items.”

Some government departments under the Liberals have been going on an incredible spending spree with Canadian tax dollars.

Farm Credit Canada (FCC) spent over $1.6 million, including items like:

  1. 160 pens at $78.47 per pen
  2. 480 pairs of socks at $20 each
  3. 1,000 hats for $27.91 per hat

The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) spent over $637,000 of your money on:

  1. 39 bottles of Italian olive oil and balsamic vinegar for $66 per bottle
  2. $35,000 for golf balls, at $22.50 each, made for a specific event. $22.50 per Golf ball.
  3. 4,000 journal and pen sets for $31,000
  4. 1,220 pairs of socks for $10.50 each

And, because taxpayer money is in endless supply in Trudeau’s eyes, others decided to get in on it as well:

  1. 750 hockey pucks for $3,400 at the Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority (with only 70 employees)
  2. 5,254 rubber duckies for the Communications Security Establishment
  3. 665 gas cards, worth $48 each, for Marine Atlantic Inc.
  4. 100 “Maple Leaf key rings” at $25.25 each for Veterans Affairs Canada
  5. 150 pens at $23.73 each for Transport Canada

It’s clear the Trudeau Liberals never had any sense of fiscal responsibility.

Liberals are free to spend however much they want on whatever they want – Trudeau certainly isn’t going to stop them.

Canadians want a government that treats taxpayer dollars with respect, not one that sees it as their own blank cheque.

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