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Focused on the Economy

October 18, 2012

On Thursday, Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, introduced the Harper Government’s Jobs and Growth Act, 2012.

This legislation implements key measures from Economic Action Plan 2012 which will help grow the Canadian economy, support job creation and secure our long-term prosperity.

This includes the popular Hiring Credit for Small Business which gives employers an incentive to hire new workers by giving them a break on their E.I payments for each new employee.

It also includes changes to MPs pensions. These changes will see pensions fall more in line with the private sector by moving towards a 50-50 cost sharing model and pushing back the age of eligibility to 65. Over the next 5 years these changes along with similar adjustments to the public service pensions will save taxpayers $2.6 billion.

These types of measures will help us stay on the right track despite ongoing global economic uncertainty.  Through our Economic Action Plan we have helped the Canadian economy grow over 820,000 net new jobs since July 2009, the best job creation record in the G7. This legislation will kept Canada’s economy on the right track.

Unfortunately, while our Government continues to support economic growth, the NDP is focused on promoting their $21 billion carbon tax. This tax would not only take money out of the pockets of hardworking Canadians, but kill jobs and cripple businesses.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and our Conservative Government call on the Opposition parties to help support our economy by supporting the Jobs and Growth Act, 2012.

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