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Focused on the Economy: No New Spending

December 19, 2012

On Wednesday, Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, was in Burlington, Ontario hosting pre-budget consultations with local business and community leaders.

His message was clear: the focus of our Government’s next budget is to continue our initiatives aimed at supporting job creation, promoting economic growth and keeping Canada on the right track towards long-term prosperity.

What our Government’s next budget will not do is indulge the big, expensive and risky spending schemes that will increase taxes on Canadians and increase our deficit.

But if given the chance, the Opposition would.

The NDP proposed increasing spending by at least $56 billion and plans to help pay for it through a $21 billion carbon tax on Canadians. And both the Liberals and NDP have supported a 45 day work year for EI— a move which could cost Canadians as much as $4 billion per year and which does nothing to help create jobs.

Our Conservative Government will not support these out of control tax-and-spend schemes.

Rather, we will consult with Canadians and listen to their ideas on how to create a stronger, more vibrant Canadian economy.

Our Government remains focused on helping create jobs and growth.

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