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Delivering Results for Canadians

December 14, 2012

On Friday, four pieces of legislation brought forward by our Conservative Government received Royal Assent and became law, including:

  • The Jobs and Growth Act, 2012
  • The Protecting Canada’s Seniors Act
  • The Canada-Panama Economic Growth and Prosperity Act, and
  • The Helping Families in Need Act

The Jobs and Growth Act, 2012 implements some of the initiatives found in Economic Action Plan 2012 such as the extension of the Hiring Credit for Small Business. These key measures will help create jobs, encourage growth and keep our economy on the right track towards long-term prosperity.

The Protecting Canada’s Seniors Act follows through on our Government’s commitment to Canada’s seniors. This legislation builds on previous efforts to raise awareness about elder abuse. With the passage of this Act, our Government has sent a message that elder abuse will not be tolerated.

The Canada-Panama Economic Growth and Prosperity Act is just one piece of our Government’s historic trade expansion plan for the Canadian economy. This agreement aims to open up Canadian exports to Panama by eliminating over 90 per cent of export tariffs on Canadian goods, thereby helping grow our economy and increase jobs here at home.

And finally, the Helping Families in Need Act will make parents eligible for EI sickness benefits should they fall ill while collecting benefits. It will also create a new EI benefit for parents of critically ill or injured children and propose amendments to protect the jobs of parents whose child dies or disappears as a result of a probable criminal offence. During difficult times, the last thing families need is financial pressure. This legislation seeks to try and alleviate some of that.

In addition to our Government’s bills, private member’s bills brought forth by Conservative MPs Harold Albrecht and Pat Davidson also received Royal Assent. Their hard work led to the passage of the Federal Framework for Suicide Prevention Act and the Act to Amend the Food and Drugs Act (Non-Corrective Contact Lenses).

These pieces of legislation represent just some of the hard work Prime Minister Stephen Harper and our Conservative Government are doing to help our economy, our families and our seniors.

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