You work more, they work less

If there’s one thing Liberals love more than taxing you, it’s avoiding hard work and dodging accountability.

That’s why we’re not surprised Justin Trudeau wants to re-write the rules to give himself Friday’s off, and avoid getting asked the tough questions Conservatives ask him every day.

Frankly, the Liberals just don’t want to bother showing up for work in the House of Commons – and it’s only making them less accountable to Parliament.

On the heels of missing almost two-thirds of Question Periods in his first year as PM, Justin Trudeau now only wants to answer questions once per week…when the House is sitting.

Showing up for work less, dodging accountability more – all for the same pay. Sounds like the same old Liberals.

Canadians work hard for their paycheques and so should their MP’s.

Sign here if you think Justin Trudeau should take fewer days off and show up for work more:

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