Liberal Debt_white

Last week, Liberal MP Wayne Easter said his government should do a review of the tax system.

According to the Globe & Mail, the Liberals believe it “should even tackle the sensitive issue of whether to raise the GST.”

We brought attention to this, and now the Liberal spin machine has gone into overdrive!

Wayne Easter talking about raising the GST is hardly a breaking news item – in fact, it is just the latest piece of evidence.

Liberal MPs have been talking about raising the GST since the second we lowered it in 2006!

  • Scott Brison was asked in 2006 whether he’d repeal our GST cut. His response? “Absolutely.”
  • John McKay accused us of “destroying the federal government’s revenue base with HST cuts”.
  • Bob Rae once criticized us for not adding “a point or two to the GST.”
  • John McCallum accused us of putting the economy within a “SARS crisis of deficit” because we chose to let Canadians keep more of their money.
  • Stephane Dion once said a Liberal government could eventually rescind the Conservative cuts to the GST.

It’s the same old Liberals. Big deficits, more debt, higher taxes.