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Conflict of Interest Allegation Made Against Justin Trudeau

June 19, 2013

Today Conservative Member of Parliament Ben Lobb wrote to the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner to request an investigation into Justin Trudeau’s conduct in accepting payments from unions who stand to benefit from his efforts to block Bill C-377 – the union financial transparency bill.

Under the Conflict of Interest Code for Members of the House of Commons, Members like Justin Trudeau are banned from acting in any way which could cause a real or apparent conflict of interest, and from using their position as a Member to further their own private interests.

MP Lobb wrote to the Commissioner to raise concerns that Justin Trudeau may be using his position as a Member of Parliament to advance the interests of groups who have made direct, substantial, personal financial payments to the Member.

In his letter, MP Lobb specifically cited the $35,000 that Justin Trudeau has accepted in personal payments from unions while serving as a Member of Parliament.  Justin Trudeau is now leading the charge against efforts to increase the level of financial transparency required by these unions.

These are very serious allegations and raise serious questions about the judgement of Justin Trudeau.  Justin Trudeau’s activities on this matter demonstrate once again that the Liberal Leader is just in over his head.

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