Our Conservative government is taking action to reduce your cell phone bill – and we wanted to make sure you have heard about it.

We announced three technical decisions that will help ensure there is greater competition in the wireless sector.

We will not allow the big telecommunications companies to shut down competition by buying up undue amounts of wireless spectrum – the highway over which cellphone and wireless data signals travel. More competition means lower prices and more choices for you and your family. Our government’s strong actions have reduced the average cost of wireless services for Canadians by 18% since 2008.

These actions follow on recently announced new rules from the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) that will let Canadians cancel their wireless contracts after two years – at no charge. The CRTC also set a limit on extra data charges at $50/month, which means no more unaffordable surprise bills.

We know Canadians are relying on their wireless devices now more than ever – that’s why we’re putting Canadian consumers first and making sure there is more competition in the market.

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