• Canada is one of the world’s great trading nations.  One in three Canadian jobs is directly or indirectly dependent on exports.
  • To create more jobs and opportunities for Canadians, our Conservative Government signed new trade agreements with nine countries – Panama, Jordan, Colombia, Peru, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Honduras – and we are in negotiations with many more.
  • We have made major steps forward in trade relations with China, including Approved Destination Status designation (which has helped increase Chinese tourism to Canada by 25 per cent) and an agreement which provides protection to Canadian investors.
  • In contrast, during its 13 years in power, the previous Liberal Government signed only three new trade agreements.
  • Fortunately, under Stephen Harper’s Conservative Government, we are making up for lost time, opening new markets for Canadian businesses and creating good new jobs for Canadian workers.
  • The North American Free Trade Agreement has benefitted Canada enormously, but the continuing economic challenges in the U.S. show the need to keep expanding our access to foreign markets.
  • We’re improving trade and travel with the U.S. by implementing the Action Plan on Perimeter Security.
  • We aim to build on our progress with an historic new trade agreement between Canada and the European Union, the world’s largest single market.
  • Canada is well positioned to benefit from increased trade with India – one of the world’s fastest growing and largest economies, with one billion customers – building on the personal ties and business expertise of our large Indo-Canadian community.
  • Since taking office in 2006, our Conservative government has made it a priority to revitalize Canada’s relationship with the great nation of India.  In 2010 Prime Minister Stephen Harper and India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh launched negotiations on a comprehensive economic partnership between Canada and India.
  • Free Trade Agreements between Canada and the European Union and between Canada and India would give Canadian businesses greater access to markets totalling more than 1.7 billion people with a combined GDP of $20 trillion, creating thousands of jobs for Canadians.
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