We passed the Safe Streets and Communities Act, to crack down on crime and deliver real support for victims – and we passed it within the first 100 sitting days of the 41stParliament, as promised.  This vital legislation includes:

  • the Protecting Children from Sexual Predators Act – increases penalties for sexual offences against children
  • the Penalties for Organized Drug Crime Act – targets organized crime by imposing tougher sentences for the production and possession of illicit drugs for the purposes of trafficking
  • Sébastien’s Law (Protecting the Public from Violent Young Offenders) – better protects Canadians from violent and repeat young offenders
  • the Ending House Arrest for Property and Other Serious Crimes by Serious and Violent Offenders Act – eliminates the use of conditional sentences, or house arrest, for serious and violent crimes
  • the Increasing Offender Accountability Act – enshrines a victim’s right to participate in parole hearings and address inmate accountability, responsibility, and management
  • the Eliminating Pardons for Serious Crimes Act – extends the ineligibility periods for applications for record suspension (previously called a “pardon”) to five years for summary conviction and 10 years for indictable offences
  • the Keeping Canadians Safe (International Transfer of Offenders) Act – adds additional criteria that the Minister of Public Safety could consider when deciding whether or not to allow the transfer of a Canadian offender back to Canada to serve their sentence
  • the Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act – allows victims of terrorism to sue perpetrators and supporters of terrorism
  • the Preventing the Trafficking, Abuse and Exploitation of Vulnerable Immigrants Act – authorizes immigration officers to refuse work permits to vulnerable foreign nationals when it is determined that they are at risk of humiliating or degrading treatment, including sexual exploitation or human trafficking
  • We are bringing into force the Fair and Efficient Criminal Trials Act, to help ensure “mega-trials” – large and complex cases involving drug trafficking, white-collar crime, terrorism, organized crime, etc. – are heard more swiftly and effectively.
  • We re-introduced the Citizen’s Arrest and Self-Defence Act to reform a citizen’s power to arrest, as well as to update Canada’s outdated self-defence and defence of property laws, to help ensure law-abiding Canadians know the law is on their side.
  • We are introducing the Protecting Canada’s Seniors Act to better protect seniors against elder abuse, proposing to amend the criminal code to consider a victim’s age, health and financial situation as aggravating factors in sentencing.
  • We are requiring the mandatory reporting by internet service providers of online child pornography and exploitation.
  • We are supporting victims of white-collar crime, with legislation that requires the impact on the victim be taken into account in sentencing, to better reflect the impact this crime can have.
  • We are supporting victims and their families, with measures that include support for parents of murdered or missing children who need to take leave from employment to deal with their loss.
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