• Our Conservative Government is focused on jobs, growth and long-term prosperity.
  • In 2010,Canada’s natural resource sectors employed more than 760,000 workers across the country. In fact the mining and energy sectors alone represent 10 per cent of the Canadian economy and 40 per cent of our exports.
  • In the next 10 years, more than 500 new projects representing over $500 billion in new investments will be proposed forCanada. The potential for job growth is enormous.
  • Since 2006, our Conservative Government has been working to streamline the review process for major economic projects. Our efforts have made a difference while we’ve promoted a clean environment, but more needs to be done.
  • Currently, companies undertaking major projects must navigate a complex maze of regulatory requirements and processes, and approval processes are long and unpredictable.
  • This is why our Conservative Government is acting in Canada’s Economic Action Plan 2012 with our plan for Responsible Resource Development.
  • Responsible Resource Development will streamline the review process for major economic projects by providing predictable timelines for project approvals. It will prevent long delays that kill potential jobs and stall economic growth by putting valuable investment at risk.
  • Most importantly, Responsible Resource Development will create good, skilled, well-paying jobs in cities and communities across Canada, while protecting the environment.
  • Reviews will remain vigorous and based on science.  Pipelines will be inspected more often.
  • With emerging economies in Asia and around the world providing the potential to create even more jobs and growth, our Conservative Government will act swiftly to implement its plan for Responsible Resource Development in the interests of Canadians.


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