Family farms are the backbone of our country.

For generations, our farmers have fed Canadians and the world, while providing jobs and opportunities across Canada.

That’s why since 2006, our Conservative Government has proudly supported our farmers with:

  • marketing freedom ‒ the monopoly on the sale of Western Canadian wheat and barley will end on August 1st, 2012, giving grain producers the freedom to market their own wheat and barley on the open market
  • over $6.2 billion through a new suite of Business Risk Management programs, including AgriStability, AgriInsurance, AgriInvest, and AgriRecovery
  • $1 billion through the Canadian Agriculture Loans Act to award loans to Canadian farm families and cooperatives
  • $100 million for inspector training, additional science capacity and tools for front line inspectors to ensure Canada has the safest food possible
  • $50 million to help Canada’s farmers remain on the cutting edge of agriculture innovations
  • $24 million to fund national bio-security and best practices initiatives to combat hog diseases
  • $17 million to contain the Plum Pox Virus in peach, plum, apricot and nectarine trees in the Niagara region
  • tax relief to reduce costs for new investments in processing machinery and equipment in the agriculture industry
  • reopened and expanded access for cattle and beef products with countries such as China, Hong Kong, Colombia, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Panama, Singapore, Costa Rica, Vietnam, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Peru, the Philippines and the United States
  • reopened and expanded access for pork and swine with countries such as China, Malaysia, Mongolia, Russia, South Korea, the Philippines, Ukraine, Indonesia, Jordan, Peru, and Thailand
  • secured access for live sheep and goats with Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines and Serbia

Economic Action Plan 2012 continues our Conservative Government’s strong record of support for Canada’s farmers and farm communities with new initiatives, such as:

  • a new Agricultural Framework Agreement: in partnership with provinces, territories and industry, we will continue to develop a new framework to replace the current Growing Forward agreement in 2013
  • supporting key fisheries habitats: we will amend the Fisheries Act, to focus fisheries protection on fish, not farmers, fields and floodplains
  • supporting the Canadian Grain Commission: $44 million to support the Commission’s transition to a sustainable funding model
  • strengthening confidence in the Food Safety System: $50 million to enhance protection and inspection of Canada’s food supply
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