Canadian families deserve the cleanest air, water, and environment possible.

That’s why, since 2006,  our Conservative Government has made major investments to preserve our environment and protect the health and well-being of Canadian families for today and tomorrow, such as:

  • $1.1 billion for the ecoEnergy for Homes Retrofit program to support Canadians in making their homes more energy efficient
  • $1 billion for priorities such as green energy generation and transmission infrastructure, carbon transmission and storage infrastructure
  • $1 billion to support pulp and paper mills to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and become leaders in the production of renewable energy from biomass
  • $1 billion in support of clean energy research, development and demonstration projects, including carbon capture and storage
  • $252 million to support regulatory activities to address climate change and air quality
  • nearly $200 million to help address the health and environmental risks posed by dangerous chemicals through the Chemicals Management Plan
  • $100 million to support clean energy generation in Canada’s forestry sector through the new Next Generation Renewable Power initiative
  • $97 million to develop and promote clean energy technologies
  • $86 million to support clean energy regulatory actions
  • $68 million to clean federal contaminated sites
  • $48 million to develop transportation sector regulations and next-generation clean transportation initiatives
  • $40 million to support new climate change and clean air projects under Sustainable Development Technology Canada
  • $38 million to reduce the risk of invasive animal and plant species in Canada
  • $35 million to support climate and atmospheric sciences research
  • $27 million to improve Canada’s weather services
  • over $18 million to support reporting on key environmental indicators such as clean air, clean water and greenhouse gas emissions
  • $16 million to protect and clean the Great Lakes
  • $8 million to support community-based environmental monitoring, reporting and baseline data collection in the North
  • over $5 million to establish a new national park in Labrador
  • $5 million to help protect environmental diversity in the Great Lakes region.
  • eliminating fossil fuel tax subsidies in support of the G-20 leaders’ commitment
  • expanding tax relief for clean energy generation equipment to those involving heat recovery and district energy
  • proposing regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from new on road heavy-duty vehicles, including large pick-up trucks, short/long-haul tractors, cement and garbage trucks, buses, and more for 2014 and beyond
  • investing $17.5 million to help protect the Great Lakes from the threat of the invasive species known as Asian Carp

Economic Action Plan 2012 builds on our Conservative Government’s impressive record of supporting a cleaner and more sustainable environment.  Included is action such as:

  • $50 million for the protection of Canada’s species at risk
  • committing to the creation of a new near-urban national park in Rouge Valley (Ontario)
  • committing to the continued support of Canada’s lakes – including Lake Winnipeg and Lake Simcoe
  • providing expanded tax relief for clean energy generation equipment to those involving waste-fuelled thermal energy and resides of plants
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