We all want Canada’s students to succeed in the global economy with the help of the best education possible.

That’s why since 2006, our Conservative Government has provided much needed support for our students, including:

  • investing more than $10 billion annually in students and education, including more than $3 billion in transfers to provinces for post-secondary education and over $7 billion in direct support to students and their families
  • investing $2.5 billion per year to help students deal with the costs of education through grants, scholarships and loan programs
  • establishing the Canada Student Grant Program which is providing up to $250 per month of study to low-income students and up to $100 month to middle-income students
  • $140 million per year to encourage more young Canadians to pursue apprenticeships, including the new Apprenticeship Incentive Grant and the Apprenticeship Completion Grant
  • creating the new Apprenticeship Job Creation Tax Credit to encourage employers to hire new apprentices
  • $342 million per year for the Youth Employment Strategy to give young Canadians needed support as they pursue an education and careers
  • creating a new Textbook Tax Credit to help with the cost of textbooks for students
  • Federal Canada Student Loan forgiveness of up to $8,000 per year for family physicians up to a maximum of $40,000.  Nurse Practitioners and nurses will be eligible for federal Canada Student Loan forgiveness of up to $4,000 per year to a maximum of $20,000
  • making all occupational, trade, and professional exam fees eligible for tax relief through the Tuition Tax Credit
  • reducing the 13-week minimum duration requirement to three consecutive weeks with respect to the Education and Textbook Tax Credit, to support Canadian students abroad
  • doubling the in-study income exemption for students from $50 per week to $100 per week, benefiting over 100,000 students by allowing them to work more without negatively affecting their loans
  • lowering the in-study interest rate for part-time Canadian Student Loan recipients from prime plus 2.5 per cent to zero, bringing them in line with full-time students
  • increasing the family income threshold for part-time Canada Student Loan & Canada Student Grant recipients, bringing the eligibility thresholds in line with the thresholds used for full-time students
  • investing $9 million in the north to expand territorial colleges’ literacy and numeracy programs, particularly in remote communities

Our Conservative government’s major new investments have already helped better prepare Canada’s students for the opportunities and jobs ahead.

However, through Economic Action Plan 2012, we are doing more to ensure Canadian students are even better equipped and better integrated into the workforce, including:

  • increasing support for youth employment opportunities: an additional $50 million to improve skills link and career focus for students through the Youth Employment Strategy.
  • doubling graduate internships in innovative firms: an additional $14 million to double the resources of the Industrial Research and Development Internship program to place even more students into practical hands-on research internships in Canadian companies.
  • clarifying eligibility for federal loan forgiveness: we are moving forward on loan forgiveness for medical graduates who practice in rural and remote areas, and clarifying rules to ensure medical residents are adequately treated.
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