Keeping our Streets and Communities Safe

July 24, 2012

Today, Statistics Canada released the 2011 Police Reported Crime Statistics. It showed that the crime rate has decreased by 6% from last year, however it remains more than 200% higher than it was in 1962.

These statistics show that our tough on crime measures are starting to work. Our government is stopping the revolving door of the criminal justice system.

The fact of the matter is that when the bad guys are kept in jail longer, they are not out committing crimes and the crime rate will decrease.

However, there is still more work to do. Serious crimes like homicide and sexual offences against children were up. Child pornography increased by an astounding 40%.

This is further proof that our Government’s tough legislation that lengthens minimum sentences for sexual assaults against children are needed now more than ever – it’s too bad the NDP and Liberals voted against these important changes.

Our Conservative government will continue to work to ensure that police have the tools they need to do their jobs and that dangerous criminals stay where they belong – behind bars.

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